Grievance Procedures

Staff at West Beach Primary School endeavour to provide the very best educational outcomes for all students. Parents with a concern or grievance relating to a classroom programme, your child’s progress, behavioural matters or school issue are reminded of the importance of following the school’s agreed Grievance Procedures.

When a concern arises it is important to discuss the issue with the appropriate staff member first in an attempt to seek a resolution suitable to those concerned.  Usually issues can be solved simply by discussing the issue respectfully and promptly with the person involved. If a suitable resolution is not reached by talking to the staff member concerned, then please make a time to speak with the Principal.

Steps for raising your concern or complaint at West Beach Primary School:

  • Arrange a mutually agreed upon time to speak with the staff member concerned
  • Discuss the issue fairly and calmly and honestly in an attempt to reach a positive resolution
  • Allow a reasonable timeframe for the issue to be addressed
  • If the issue is not resolved, make a time to speak with the principal (Ph: 83567944)
  • If the issue remains unresolved parents may contact the Education Complain Unit (Ph: 1800 677 435)
  • If the issue remains unresolved External resolution via the SA Ombudsman (Ph: 1800 182 150)
  • Parents with any questions regarding these Grievance Procedures are encouraged to contact the principal (Ph. 83567944)

West Beach Primary School’s Grievance Procedures outlined above reflect the DECD Raising a complaint with DECD Guidelines.