Volunteering at West Beach Primary School

Make a difference in our school community by joining our dedicated team of volunteers! Whether you're a parent, guardian, or community member, your support is invaluable in enhancing our students' educational experience. From assisting in classrooms to organising events and contributing to special projects, every helping hand counts. Join us in creating a nurturing environment where every student can thrive. Together, we can build a brighter future for our school.

Volunteer Requirements

All regular volunteers and helpers are required to have and supply copies to the front office or dl.1004@schools.sa.edu.au:


Volunteers and visitors to the school should:


  • Report to the school front office and sign in via the Sentral Kiosk.
  • Collect your visitor lanyard.
  • Upon completion of the volunteer task, sign-out via the Sentral Kiosk and return the visitor lanyard.

Find out more about relevant history screening and keeping yourself and our children safe at education.sa.gov.au/volunteers. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to ensure their volunteer status is kept current.

Screening is not needed for one off events such as sports days, fundraisers and whole of school events including viewing your child at a swimming program.